Mastercraft® Kitchen Worktops

laminate worktop

Luxury Laminate Worktop

Mastercraft offers all the UK’s top brands of laminate worktops. Brands like DuropalEgger, Artis and Formica. Laminate is super hard wearing and heat resistant. It’s our most affordable option, available in matt and gloss finishes that look great.

timber worktop

Solid Wood Worktop

Our huge range of real, solid wooden worktops will give a warm, natural finish to any kitchen. The unique colour and grain variation of natural timbers mean no two pieces will ever be alike, so your kitchen is entirely individual to you.

quartz worktop

Quartz Worktop

Mastercraft offers a wide variety of super strong, quartz worktops in hundreds of colours and finishes. Quartz provides a more consistent appearance in comparison to natural stones, such as granite. It is also extremely robust, heatproof and highly resistant to stains, scratches and shock damage.

granite worktop

Granite Worktop

Our Granite worktops are the ultimate luxury finishing touch for your kitchen. For some, nothing beats the beauty of natural stone, its veining and colouring unique to each slab. Marbles which are classically beautiful and luxurious, tend to be rarer and therefore more expensive.

corian worktop

Corian® Worktop

Made from a blend of acrylic resins, minerals and colourings, these solid surfaces are warm to the touch and have a natural lustre; they can be totally seamless too with one-piece, moulded sinks and splashbacks. Designs can be thermoformed into fabulous, organic curves, with slick, cantilevered breakfast bars and seamless wrap-around surfaces on islands.

stainless steel worktop

Stainless Steel Worktop

Stainless steel is the restaurant kitchen favourite and great for creating an industrial aesthetic in your home. It works best in contemporary schemes, but you can team it with other materials to soften the look.
It’s very durable, heat resistant, hygienic and impervious to water. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium which makes it resistant to rusting.