Integrated Waste & Laundry Bins

Discover our range of integrated kitchen bins, designed to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in your bustling kitchen. Our collection of concealed pull-out bins offers a practical solution for waste and recycling management, seamlessly hidden within cabinets for a clutter-free space.

Select from various styles, including multi-compartment bins that simplify and streamline recycling efforts. These bins can be installed using two convenient options: door-mounted, where they attach and pull out with the door, or self-contained behind a hinged door. Regardless of your choice, both alternatives ensure easy access and a hassle-free experience.

Dynamic Combi Pull Out Shelves Chrome

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Brand: Inoxa

Upgrade your kitchen storage with our patented corner pull-out shelves! These shelves are designed to make the most of your corner cabinet space, providing easy access to items that are often hard to reach.

Our shelves are made with light grey anti-slip trays and chrome rails, ensuring that your items stay in place and are easily visible. The optional soft close mechanism (sold separately) adds a touch of luxury and ensures that your cabinet doors close quietly and smoothly.

Our patented system allows for a quick and easy installation, taking only 5 minutes of your time. The shelves are sold as a pack of 2 and each shelf can be installed independently, allowing you to customise your storage to suit your specific needs.

450mm Combi 500mm Combi
Cabinet Width: 900mm Cabinet Width: 1000mm
Cabinet Width Int. Min. 820mm Cabinet Width Int. Min. 920mm
Cabinet Depth Int. Min. 500mm Cabinet Depth Int. Min. 500mm
Door Size: 450mm Door Size: 500mm
Capacity: 20kg/shelf Capacity: 20kg/shelf
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