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QETTLE Undersink Chiller

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Introducing the QETTLE Chiller - the perfect solution for your chilled drinking water needs. Say goodbye to finding space in your fridge for bottled water or a filter jug and get chilled, filtered drinking water straight from your QETTLE tap. The QETTLE Chiller cools the flow of filtered drinking water to a refreshing 3-6°C and provides up to 9 litres of chilled water per hour.

The QETTLE Chiller fits neatly under the sink, alongside the QETTLE boiler tank and is simple to install, whether as part of a new QETTLE installation or as a retrofit to an existing QETTLE. Please note that proper ventilation is required for the undersink cupboard in which the QETTLE Chiller is installed. We recommend 3-4 holes drilled into the back of the cabinet and/or a simple ventilation grille fitted into the kick space of the kitchen cabinetry. Upgrade your drinking water experience with the QETTLE Chiller today!

  • Easy fit from new or retrofit
  • 370mm high x 180mm wide x 320mm deep
  • Fits alongside a 2L or 4L QETTLE boiler tank into a standard 600mm wide kitchen cabinet
  • Dispenses up to 9 litres of water per hour of filtered drinking water at 3-6°C
  • 1.2 litre tank capacity
  • 15 minute recovery time, should tank be exhausted
  • Superior quality, stainless steel build and construction
  • CE approved
  • 2 year warranty
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